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Question: Is Ace a boy or a girl?

Answer: Ace could be any gender you interpret them as. I portray them visually as Gender neutral for this reason, so I will never say its one or the other. In comic Ace will go by any pronoun used for them, though i'll usually stick to they/them/their as other characters aren't really sure of their gender either.

Question: Didn't you have a comic called PMDAL? are you ever going to complete it?

Answer: That was something I used to work on, but I lost interest and motivation after a falling out with a friend, someone who had quite the impact on PMDAL's story. This led me to discontinue the comic to start something new with PMDLG. which I have much more faith in. I might never continue PMDAL, but its nice to see how I progressed, so I'd rather leave it where it is rather than removing it from the face of the internet.

Question: How do you make your comic pages? What tools do you use?

Answer: My process for making comic pages starts with using Photoshop for sketches, then going to Paint Tool Sai for lineart and flat coloring, then going back to photoshop for character shading, highlights, backgrounds, effects, color adjustments, and dialog. the whole process can take 18 hours (at most) when starting work from only the sketches.