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Ace the Absol

Ace woke up inside of what seems to be an escape pod that crashed in the middle of Depatheroh's harsh desert enviroment. They have no memories aside from their former name, and that they were human...

Name: Harald? (Prefers to go by Ace)

Species: Absol

Nature: Quirky

Trait: Highly persistent

Age: Adult

Gender: Yes

Homeplanet: ???

Cherie the Emolga

Cherie is employed by the Lomtrian Ship Recovery Program with strained ties to Cheitech industries. Her job consisted of working with a Giant Magnemite to provide aid to survivors of crash landings and repairing ships that get damaged when landing on Depatheroh.

Species: Emolga

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female

Nature: Modest

Trait: Scatters things often

Homeplanet: Depatheroh

Ruthe the Charmeleon

Ruthe is the leader of the Ravagers Gang, having taken leadership from his father and situating himself as leader by killing or maiming anyone who dared oppose his leadership, regardless of their former affiliation. rumor has it that he harbors a vast amount of hatred for- well, everyone.

Name: Ruthe Connors

Species: Charmeleon

Nature: Rash

Gender: Male

Trait: Short tempered

Age: Adult

Homeplanet: Depatheroh